The Queen Victoria Women's Centre's SeeMe Media Literacy Project was made possible by the Victorian Government, with a funding commitment from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and the Department of Business and Innovation. The QVWCT has also committed funds to the project.

The QVWCT would like to acknowledge the valuable work and commitment shown by the following individuals and organisations in the delivery of the SeeMe Project.

The QVWC's SeeMe Project Team

Alex White, Partnership and Program Manager
Sarah Jury, Project Officer (SeeMe)

East Preston Islamic College

SeeMe Student leaders: Wafaa Hagos, Razan Elkassar, Khalil Bou’khalil, Suleiman Mohammed
Teacher champions: Ayeenun Ahmed, Sonya Hammoud
Principal: Ekrem Ozyurek OAM

Melbourne Girls' College

SeeMe Student leaders: Lydia McClelland, Laura Shepherd, Ella Walsh
Teacher champion: Sharon Gardner-Drummond
Principal: Judy Crowe

Doncaster Secondary College

SeeMe Student leaders: Joann Brikhia, Jessica Crow, David Duketis
Teacher champion: Kirk Dunn
Principal: Eva McMaster

The SeeMe Project Reference Group

Deborah Maher, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
Stephanie Jones, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
Nerida Matthews, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
Lucy Benbow, Office of Women’s Policy, Department of Human Services
Mary Bereaux, Office of Women’s Policy, Department of Human Services
Georgina Snaddon, Office for Youth, Department of Human Services
Irene Anderson, Independent Schools Victoria
Helen Thomas, Catholic Education Office, Melbourne
Catherine Behan, Catholic Education Office, Melbourne
Susan Paxton, La Trobe University
Vivia Hickman, CEO
Marie Davidson, QVWC Trust Member

Research and Scoping Study

Education Services Australia

ICT Partners

Education Services Australia: Helen Smith, Jill Wilson, Louise Poultney, Stuart Gardner-Vaughan, Dayton Brown
Amelia Mosbauer

Web Content Partners

The Victorian Association for the Teaching of English: Debbie de Laps, Kate Gillespie, Dora

Photoshock developers

Music used in Photoshock: Bubba’s Groove and Open Up Your Mind licensed by

Evaluation Partner

The Foundation for Young Australians: Dr Lucas Walsh, Dr Naomi Berman, Rosalyn Black

The QVWCT Project Team’s ICT Mentors

VicICT4Women: Amanda Finnis, Jeanette Wirt

Critical friends

Craig Mathison (ICT), Libby Fordham (Communications)


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