“"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." (Source: Confucius)”

Further activities: Body image

Watch a clip from the documentary: The Good Hair Movie, hosted by Chris Rock.


There are a number of other historical investigations you could pursue in order to better understand the role of beauty products and the pressure to consume and conform. You might be interested to learn more about the origins of lipstick, for example, and its role throughout the ages. Was it always used as an enhancement for appearance or were there other more practical uses for it?

Here is a link to get you started.
A History of Lipstick 

Similarly, the changing fashion of hair over the centuries and recent decades is fascinating. Start your investigation here:
The History of Hair 

Beauty in literature

Here are some quotes from literature that offer different perceptions of beauty.

Discuss each one in your group. Choose four and write them into a mind-mapping tool such as Bubble Us. Comment on the meaning of beauty described in the quotes and add your thoughts about what message each author was conveying in his/her words. If you had to develop an image for each quote, describe what it would be.