• Adolescence

    the period of physical and psychological development from the onset of puberty to complete growth and maturity

  • Aerobic

    vigorous exercise designed to increase oxygen intake and heart rate

  • Annotate

    add explanatory notes

  • Arouse

    excite or provoke a strong emotional response

  • Aspirations

    strong desire to achieve something; ambition

  • Body image

    how you think and feel about your body. Body image involves your perception, imagination and emotions. Our body image may not be accurate. Many people think they are overweight/underweight when they are not. A positive body image exists when we feel satisfied and happy with our body. A negative body image is when you feel dissatisfied and unhappy with your body or appearance. It is about feelings and thoughts more than perceptions. (Source: Better Health Channel -

  • Characteristics

    typical or distinctive features or qualities

  • Consumer

    person who uses a product, or purchases goods or services

  • Digital image manipulation

    the application of image editing techniques in order to change an image, create an illusion or deceive

  • Exaggerate

    to give the impression that makes it seem larger or greater than it really is

  • Gender

    while the word sex commonly refers to the biological characteristics that categorise someone as either female or male; gender refers to the socially determined ideas and practices of what it is to be female or male. Gender is how a person’s biology is culturally valued and interpreted into locally accepted ideas of what it is to be a woman or man. Gender identities and associated expectations of roles and responsibilities are therefore changeable between and within cultures. Gendered power relations penetrate social institutions so that gender is never absent.

  • Gender stereotypes

    Gender stereotyping is a process whereby individuals are socialised into roles according to their sex and thus denied opportunities for more individually varied development. Gender stereotypes are commonly found in the mass media and are one-sided interpretations and images of men and women which are regularly reinforced.

  • Hyperbole

    exaggeration for effect

  • Hypothesise

    to form/propose an explanation based on the information

  • Implied

    to express indirectly; strongly suggest or insinuate

  • Literal

    taking words in their basic sense (avoiding exaggeration, metaphor, or embellishment, etc)

  • Omitted

    leave out; not included

  • Solarium

    a place with sun lamps for tanning

  • Statistics

    data in numbers; the science of collecting and analysing numerical data

  • Subvert

    to undermine or bring about the downfall of an existing way of thinking