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ICT Tools

ICT tools

The following sites offer Web 2.0 tools that you can use to collect, create and transform classroom activities. Some of the tools can be used solely within your classroom. Other tools require that you upload to a public website. Please note that in uploading materials, you need to be aware of a number of important issues. The CyberSmart website is a great source of advice about this as is the eSmart website. Some of the issues you need to consider are:

•    Who owns copyright to all the materials you are uploading (text, music, images, etc)?
•    Who is going to see your work?
•    What is the nature of your content? Is it upsetting or offensive?
•    What kind of digital footprint are you leaving?

Please note that the sites listed below contain user-generated content that may not be suitable or may be offensive. You need to check with your school in terms of the policies they have in place for use of sites with Web 2.0 functionality.

Useful Web 2.0 sites

For more information about these Web 2.0 sites, download the ICT Web 2.0 Tools table:

At the time of development of this website the QVWC reviewed the content on all sites. However, as content on the sites is not controlled by the QVWC such content may change over time. If you discover that the content on a site is unexpected or inappropriate for an education audience please contact the QVWC as soon as possible.