Student leaders

Student leaders

Student leaders

You have the very important and exciting role of being a student leader for the SeeMe Media Literacy Project at your school.

The SeeMe Media Literacy Project has been developed by the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre (QVWC) to promote positive body image and tackle the impact that idealised media portrayals of ‘beauty’ and ‘gender stereotypes’ have on young people. To achieve this, the QVWC has created this media literacy resource with five modules for use in classrooms. See the About pages for more information about the project and the project partners.

The six modules in this resource are:


  1. Gender stereotypes
  2. Healthy lifestyle choices
  3. Body image 
  4. Fashion and cosmetics 
  5. Photo Shock
  6. SeeMe / InvisibleMe.

The modules use a range of ICT tools that can be used for the activities. These are optional and the activities can be undertaken without the use of the ICT tools. Links to websites and ICT tools are provided in the modules so that you can practice using them beforehand.

Additional resources required for some activities are a stack of popular magazines that students can cut up, such as Dolly, Girlfriend, Indigo or the triple j magazine.

Access ‘What do I do?’ for a list of questions and answers to help you get the most out of being the student leader and also to ensure that your classmates get the most out of the SeeMe modules. Also check out ‘The principles of teaching about body image’ for some important tips.