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Overview of SeeMe Media Literacy modules

There are six modules in the SeeMe Media Literacy website. These are:

  1. Gender  stereotypes 
  2. Healthy  lifestyle choices 
  3. Body  image 
  4. Fashion  and cosmetics
  5. SeeMe-InvisibleMe
  6. Photo Shock

The modules have been developed as a series to be used together; however, each module can stand alone and be taught as a single unit or you may like to select several modules for the classroom.

The assessment module, SeeMe/InvisibleMe, does require that students have completed at least one other module. This module is the culmination of students’ study of how body image and gender stereotypes are portrayed in the media, and it focuses on a summative assessment task.

Each module is designed to be delivered in the equivalent of two 60 minute lessons, and each module suggests further activities for teachers wishing to go further with the topic.

The modules are interactive and incorporate a range of ICT tools that can be used for the learning activities. These are optional and the activities can be undertaken without the use of these tools. Links to information about the ICT tools are provided so that you can investigate them before deciding on whether to use them. This page also canvasses some issues in terms of cyber safety which should be noted prior to using the internet with students.

Additional resources required for some activities are a stack of popular magazines that students can cut up, such as Dolly, Girlfriend, Indigo or the triple j magazine.

You might like to compile an online or hardcopy image respitory to use during these modules so that students have easy access to images avaiable in teen magazines and web sites.